Update and Monday’s content on the book blog

It’s Monday morning and I’m all packed up and waiting in the hotel lobby. Nine Worlds has been amazing. I’ve been so inspired and I have many things I want to share, but I’ll save that for when I get home. 

In the meantime, I’ve quickly posted my big sister’s review of On a Red Station Drifting by Aliette de Bodard. I have yet to argue with my big sis over a book. But we do have plans to do a book discussion sometime soon. Watch out for that. We may yet come to loggerheads over something. 

Happy Monday all. 

BSFA Shortlist has been announced

My PGS story, Song of the Body Cartographer has made it to the BSFA shortlist. The complete shortlist is here. Winners will be announced at Eightsquaredcon which will be in Bradford, UK.

I will be at Bradford together with good friend and awesome author, Aliette de Bodard whose short story, Immersion, is also on the shortlist.

It’s an honor to be listed along with all the other shortlisted nominees. Thank you for nominating my story. It thrills me that a story published in a Philippine publication has received all this attention.