Writing and Publishing news

Speculative Fiction 2012: the best online reviews, essays and commentary volume I is now available from Amazon.com. My essay, Decolonizing as an SF writer (first published on The Future Fire editor’s blog) is also in this volume. It makes me happy to know that this piece resonated with the editors and I hope that it resonates with readers of the anthology. The proceeds from the sale of this anthology go to Room to Read.

Amazon now has a listing for The End of the Road anthology. It’s available for pre-orders and the Book description makes me hungry to read the entire anthology. 

In yet more writing news, my short story, Body of Truth, has been accepted for inclusion in the upcoming What Fates Impose anthology edited by Nayad Monroe. When Nayad sent me the guidelines for this anthology, I was immediately intrigued by it. I’ll write more about the background of this story in another post.

In the meantime, here are some links to where Nayad talks about the process of editing an anthology. It makes for very interesting and thought-provoking reading.

What Fates Impose: Inside the Anthology

How Choosing Stories is, and is not, like making a Mix Tape

Five Important Reasons to Worry about Divination

Why “Maybe” is harder than “Yes” or “No”

I’m happy about the stories that have been accepted for publication, and I hope they resonate with readers as well. 

2013 is here

2013 is here and it’s starting out really well on the writing front.

Nisi Shawl has announced the Table of Contents for Bloodchildren which is coming out next week. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the official announcement so I could finally squee about it.

On the publishing front, my fractured fiction, Distance, has been published on Our Own Voice as well as my essay titled, On First-worlders adopting children from third-world countries like mine.

Song of the Body Cartographer has been nominated for the BSFA short fiction awards.  It’s the only nominated work published by a Filipino publication and it’s making the Filipino publication visible that pleases me the most.

I’m also changing things here on the website, so updating it becomes easier. Have a nice cup of tea, pull a chair up and have a look around. My blog where I talk about stuff other than updates is at Talking to the Moon.

Happy 2013.