How Tolerant are the Dutch?, in Positively Filipino (March 2013)

Celebrating Sinterklaas with Eyes Wide Open, in Positively Filipino (December 2012)

On People from First World Countries adopting Babies from Third World countries like mine, in Our Own Voice

Movements Columns: (published on Strange Horizons)

Looking Critically (June 2013)

So What Do you think of My Story where I made use of Another Person’s culture? (May 2013)

Woman’s Work and the Woman of Color at Work (March 2013)

Retrieving our Hidden Histories (January 2013)

Identity and Indigenous Thought (December 2012)

Entries from my journal about my Clarion West experience:

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4


On People from First World Countries Adopting Babies from Third World Countries like Mine in Our Own Voice (2012)

Decolonizing as an SF Writer on The Future Fire Blog (2012)

Hunting for Stories in the Philippines published in Weird Fiction Review (2012)

Writing From the Context of My Culture-published on Ecstatic Days

In Anticipation of Clarion West, published on Fantasy Magazine

Finding Our Stories on Ecstatic Days

Intermittent Transmissions from the Diaspora on Ecstatic Days


12 Days of Monsters at Weird Fiction Review

Entry from the Shared Worlds Bestiary

Creative non-fiction:

Through the Woods, in PATMOS (a publication of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture)

Echoes from My New Home, in Hope Away from Home (OMF Lit, Philippines)

Falling in Love, in Chickflicks Ezine (defunct)*

Missing Home on the Asia and Pacific Writers Network

My Skin, Us, first published in the Skin Byteback Book released by Route

**anthologized in Route Offline


Estol, the Hunchback, The Orange Room Review

Through the Looking Glass, Dragons, Knights and Angels Magazine

Angel without Wings, Dragons, Knights and Angels Magazine

Will be listed as soon as I get my links together.

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