Things that inspire me

The header I used was cropped from this picture which is a view of Banaue. My childhood was idyllic. One of the women at the hospital where my brother works as a Doctor said: “What more can you want when you have all of this around you? What more can you ask for?”

BanaueWhen we were children, we would sometimes go down to Manila. No matter how amazing Manila seemed to us, in our hearts we always longed to return to the mountains. Once the mountains came into view, we would start singing: “Back to Banaue, Happy land.”

The road would wind around and around and then the mountains and the terraces would come into view and we would fall silent–we held our breaths waiting for the next curve, waiting for the road that wound up and away, leading us back home.

If you want to see more images that inspired me, go here.

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