Publications, Workshops and Appearances

Upcoming workshops: 

Other Futures Festival 2021

I will be giving two workshops during the upcoming Other Futures Festival. Please check the Other Futures website for more details.

The No Rules Workshop together with Ellen van Neerven and Rafeif Ismail which is slated for 6 November 2021 at 15.30

Multi-futures, Multi-worlds:  an experimental workshop on process building on the concept of communal story and collaborative work.

HSF Convention (20-21 November 2021, Sneek)

I am one of the guests of honour at HSF Convention and will be present from the 19th to the 21st of November. Please check out the website for more details.

Workshops at HSFCon:

Geloofwaardige karakters schrijven: In deze workshop gaan we het gesprek aan over de drempels en de uitdagingen die we tegen komen in het schrijven van verschillende karakters.

Process Conversation (Een Munabol workshop) Hoe vind jij je eigen stem? Hoe kan je ervoor zorgen dat je stem niet verdwijnt in de menigte? Hoe zorg jij voor jezelf als schrijver?

An Invitation to Dreaming (2021)

A project developed with BIPOC participants in mind. Facilitated by Hodan Warsame and funded by the Research Center for Material Culture, the first iteration of this workshop will be given in Rotterdam in cooperation with Dona Daria and WereldMuseum Rotterdam. Dates to be announced.

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Chapbooks and Collections:

Decolonial Dreaming, released through Alternate Munabol Productions, available upon request (