Projects and Collaborations

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Munabol Writers Sessions for BIPOC Youth

Six online sessions conducted on Discord for BIPOC youth

First series from May 2021-June 2021

New series to be scheduled for 2022

The writing sessions focus on encouraging young people to explore writing and storytelling making use of different on the spot timed exercises. Participants read the work aloud to each other, naming things in each others work that they celebrate or enjoy. Our main objective is to celebrate the work. In so doing, we overcome the tension that often comes with having to write or tell a story.

An exploratory session for younger children was conducted in June 2021 with an eye towards developing more sessions fitted towards a younger age group.

These sessions are offered for free and each session runs for 1.5-2 hours.

A chapbook featuring work from the first series is in production.

Invitation to Dreaming (target launch November 27, 2021, Rotterdam)

Three intensive five hour sessions developed with the purpose of celebrating BIPOC. This workshop is funded by the RCMC and will be carried out in partnership with WereldMuseum Rotterdam and Dona Daria. This workshop was developed with the RCMC’s theme of Futures that Never Were in mind.

Essential to these sessions are the acts of listening, receiving, and celebrating. Individual work as well as collaborative and communal work, myth-making and speculative dreaming are elements of this project. Keywords: communal, empowerment, process, voice, celebration.

No Rules Workshop (6 November 2021, Other Futures Festival Amsterdam)

A workshop prepared and conducted in collaboration with Ellen van Neerven and Rafeif Ismail for Other Futures Festival 2021. This workshop is strongly influenced by the work of Adrienne Maree Brown and Edouard Glissant. The focus is on erasing the boundary between expert and participant, encouraging communal and collaborative participation.

Multi-Species:Multi-Worlds (5/6 November 2021, Other Futures Festival Amsterdam)

A workshop prepared for Other Futures Festival 2021, bearing the theme of Multi-species in mind.

Workshops under development

I am currently working on how to use the workshop space and setting as a place for creating dialogue and bridges.

I am also developing a method which could be useful for teaching grade school students the elements of writing.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Description:Envisioning Other Futures Workshop

The Envisioning Other Futures Workshop was intended to be part of the Other Futures Festival in 2020. Due to the pandemic, physical meetings were moved online and the end celebration which included the publication of stories from our 11 participants had to be delayed.

After a long period of waiting, the print publication was presented to and by our 11 participants during a livestream event where the participants read from their work.

This collection includes 11 stories in Dutch and in English and is free to download from the Other Futures website. Participants to the workshop were given the print versions of this publication.

For this workshop, we invited five lecturers from different disciplines to talk about their work and inspiration. It was important to me not only to look into how the workshop could be of help to the participants in their own work, but also to meet each participant at their level of need.


Other Futures Festival