Dagiti Timayap Garda

My short story, Dagiti Timayap Garda, will be appearing in an anthology edited by Jonathan Oliver and published by Solaris Publishing. I’m pretty chuffed about this story because it’s inspired by the Tikbalang. It’s not exactly the Tikbalang as the Timayap Garda goes beyond shapeshifting. My thanks go out to Victor Ocampo who read this story and sent me critical feedback on a section that I was in doubt about. Thanks, Victor.

The timayap garda made its first appearance in a short story I wrote during Clarion West. Someday, I will publish that story, but for now, the creatures in that world are making their way into print and that makes me happy..

Here’s a preview of the stunning cover art for End of the Road. I’ll be doing tons of squeeing when it comes out.