Reading and Interview on Radio Redmond

It was wonderful to meet the brilliant and talented crew of Radio Redmond and Roet in Het Eten. I read from Dancing in the Shadow of the Once from the Bloodchildren Anthology. Here’s a link to the reading and the interview. The reading starts a little bit after 18 minutes. The rest of the broadcast is in Dutch. In short, we talk about the Octavia Butler Scholarship Fund, the need for diversity in the field of SFF and the themes that appear not only in Dancing in the Shadow of the Once but also in my other work.

After that first hour, another guest came on the show. Coring de Los Reyes. We discussed the state of undocumented migrant workers in the Netherlands and why it’s important for the Dutch government to ratify ILO Convention-189. Ratifying the convention will grant protection to the undocumented migrant workers and ensure protection for them.

Considering how progressive Dutch government and society claim to be, it will be interesting to see whether they live up to their reputation of being forward-thinking and humanitarian. I say, the Dutch government should recognize the contribution of these migrant workers and offer them the protection and the recognition they deserve.


(From L-R: Hodan Warsame, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz and Coring de Los Reyes. Photo via @roetinheteten )

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Roet in Het Eten and Radio Redmond

Hodan Warsame sent me an invitation to read and take part in Radio Redmond’s broadcast on Tuesday, the 26th of February. I will be reading and doing an interview and hanging out with some amazing people. 

Roet in Het Eten’s website is here

Roet in Het Eten is a collective that offers a unique and critical look at politics, popular culture, media, art and music through radio programs, online opinion pieces and analyses. 

From Hodan’s Email:

Redmond is the new biweekly women’s show that discusses pop culture, politics, media, art and music from the perspectives of women. The programme brings you interviews, stories and music that centralises the experiences of (trans)women. Redmond focuses on gender issues.

The program takes place on Tuesdays from 17.00-19.00. The programs can be listened to live on 107.9 and 105.5

The broadcast is also available via and via this link. Fill in the date and times you are looking for. Broadcasts are in Dutch but are conducted in English and Spanish when needed.