The World SF Travel Fund and some sneak peeks

The World SF Travel Fund is bringing Csilla Kleinheinz and myself to this year’s World Fantasy Convention. There’s a fundraiser going on now, but this is a fundraiser meant to cover expenses for next year’s candidates as well. In its first year, the World SF fund brought Charles Tan to World Fantasy in the US, and last year, it brought Karin Tidbeck and Nene Ormes to WFC in Toronto. 

The fund seeks to enable genre professionals to World Fantasy Conventions and as my good friend Siobhan pointed out: you can’t have an international convention without people. Do check out Lavie Tidhar’s post at the World SF Blog and donate or spread the word. 

I’ve also added a new section to this site which includes a sneak peek into works-in-progress, so do go check it out.