Eightsquaredcon Schedule

Next weekend, I will be at Eightsquaredcon in Bradford. It’s going to be an exciting trip for me as this will be the first time I travel by train in the UK. I’ve given myself enough wiggle room so I’ll be certain to catch the train going to and from Bradford. 

Here’s what my schedule looks like.

Saturday     12 noon     Non-Western SF and Fantasy in the Main room. I will be moderating this panel. 

Saturday       5 pm        Motherhood in SF and Fantasy

Saturday       7 pm        Genre Get-Together: Science Fiction

Sunday        10 am       Maiden, Mother, Who? Older Women in Genre Fiction 

Sunday          7 pm       BSFA Awards

Sunday          8 pm      Sex in YA Lit. 

It looks pretty busy, I know. To make it simpler: I’m on four panels, one of which I’ll be moderating and since I don’t have books to sign, I’ll basically just be hanging out and handing out fliers for the Bloodchildren anthology

I would love to chat and catch up with people who are going. Hope to see you there. 

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