Recent Updates

The latest Movements column has gone up on Strange Horizons and is titled: On Escapist Literature and Being Dangerous. Born out of one of the many discussions we had at Nine Worlds, I hope that it speaks to readers and sparks more conversation around the subjects of diversity and inclusivity. I also hope that it gives aspiring writers the courage to keep trying.

Over at the book blog, we’ve published a new review by my Big Sis Weng. Today’s review is of Kari Sperring’s The Grass King’s Concubine. This was one of the few paper books I was able to send my sister. Most of the other books are in ebook format. As usual, most of our reviews are from books purchased/owned by us. We may grab something from netgalley, if publishers let us, but we do like choosing our own books and I don’t dictate to my sister.

I’m working quite intensively on a longer piece of fiction. This will be even longer than Dancing in the Shadow of the Once from the Bloodchildren anthology. Dancing clocked in at a little bit over 8,000 words. This one is racing towards 15,000 and looks like it’ll be going past that. I’m excited, scared and happy. I don’t know what to call it except science fiction. 🙂