Afrofuturism and Beyond

Posting about two events related to each other.

On Saturday, November 2, Radio Redmond will be holding an Afrofuturist Event during the Amsterdam Museumnacht at FOAM Fotografiemuseum. I’m pretty excited about my story being included on programme for this event. I want to express my thanks to the Radio Redmond crew and in particular to Hodan Warsame and Chandra Frank who made time for me (never mind that the storm got in the way of that plan, but just the making time is a huge thing).

On November 9 (also a Saturday), I’ll be in Amsterdam again. This time at the American Book Center’s Treehouse for a book presentation of Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond. Our editor/publisher Bill Campbell will be there as well as ToC-mate Tade Thompson. Hodan Warsame will be moderating the q & a, and there will be books available.

Thanks go out to the American Book Center staff, in particular to Tiemen Zwaan. If you’re in Amsterdam, do drop by the book presentation. 🙂

I’ve been reminded that I still have a slew of things to finish before heading out to WFC, among them sending emails and checking in. I’m looking forward to this con. Here’s to meeting up with old friends and making new ones.