The book blog has been fallow for quite sometime. First we had Typhoon Haiyan and then we had a family emergency and then my sister told me the spotty internet has sort of drained her of any energy to really come and keep at it.

I thought about it for a while and considered whether I had the energy to do reviews as well as interviews. The beauty of my sister and I doing the blog was that she could bring in her perspective as a reader who reads anything and I could do the interviews (which I’ve always enjoyed doing).

I do want to continue doing the book blog and I have some interviews on stock with writers whose work I’ve enjoyed and so I think I’ll just go ahead and post those interviews and maybe write my own thoughts–not proper reviews then…but just my thoughts and impressions of the work.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to publish interviews from Kaaron Warren, Wesley Chu, Vandana Singh and Anil Menon, and from Karin Tidbeck. My schedule may be erratic, but it’s something we started for fun and because we love books.