Our Sorrow

My dear friend and partner and the father of my sons is no longer with us.

He had a cardiac arrest on the 17th and was admitted to the ICU at LUMC after being reanimated. However, too much time had passed between and he did not wake up from his coma. Today, he was released from life support. He went swiftly and quietly.

Our boys were able to say their goodbyes to their father yesterday and I believe he heard them and carried their words and their wishes with him as he crossed the river from this life into the next.

The love and the warmth of friends, loved ones and kadkadua has lifted me and given me such strength these past few days. Today, I am humbled to find out about the extent of support being extended to me and my sons. I am deeply deeply grateful. My heart is filled with thanks for the kindness and warmth extended to me and my sons.

His body will be buried on the 27th of October. His spirit lives on with us.