one for the road

I can feel momentum in the wind. Like energy, rising and gathering as the universe opens doors to different knowings and learnings.

I’ve just arrived home from Amsterdam where I attended the Storytelling session and the reflection session for Amsterdam Assembly: Letting Go of Having to Speak All the Time at Framer Framed. Four stories told by people who shared not just their stories but also the process behind coming to storytelling and the process of finding voice and what that meant to them.

I think about the creation of community, about building bridges and connections and how by sharing something that’s personal or close to us, while being an act of vulnerability is also a very powerful thing. It requires trust on the part of the person telling the story as well as courage and I think that kind of trust should also be met with openness and trust and a willingness to accept and be vulnerable as well. In today’s social media society where everyone is busy talking over or alongside each other, to be present in a space and to be able to offer listening and being in the moment is a way of remembering that these circles of conversation are how we connect to each other and that requires making time to sit, offer your full attention and listen.

Later, during the break I had the opportunity to walk and converse a bit with Nneka Mora who is a storyteller from Nigeria. We talked about what storytelling meant to her and also about how story can be as simple as conversing with your mother and telling her what you did today. The conversation we had made me feel so joyful and I am thankful for Nneka’s words and insight.

If you’re reading this blog and are interested in watching the recorded sessions Framer Framed has the sessions published on YouTube.

There’s still one more day of listening and I’ve signed up for the webinar for tomorrow’s session. I think it’s a privilege to be able to sit and listen. To hear what’s being said and to take them to heart.