Babaylan: Filipinos and the Call of the Indigenous edited by Leny M. Strobel

Back from the Crocodile’s Belly edited by Leny M. Strobel and Perla Daly

Oral Literature of the Ifugao by Manuel B. Dulawan

E Masferre: A Tribute to the Philippine Cordillera ( a documentary in pictures on life in the Cordilleras. This isn’t easy to find but it’s well worth it)

Pinoy Poetics Edited by Nick Carbo published by Meritage Press ( a collection of autobiographical and critical essays on Filipino and Filipino-American Poetics)

Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions by Virgil Mayor Apostol

Treasury of Stories by E. Arsenio Manuel with Gilda Cordero-Fernando

Headhunters’ Encounter with God by Len Newell ( considering how the writer is a white missionary there are some faily bits, but in terms of history, it proved to be a useful read)

Mangyan Treasures translated edited by Anton Postma

White Love and Other Events in Filipino History by Vicente L. Rafael

Rice published by Centro Escolar University ( a collector’s item, so I’m not sure if it’s for sale out there)

Pagpapahiyang by Ed Lapiz

Filipino Women Writers in English, Their Story: 1905-2002, by Edna Zapanta-Malapaz

The Promise of the Nation, Gender, History and Nationalism in Contemporary Ilokano Literature by Roderick G. Galam


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