reviews, publications and super-secret projects

Over at Chie and Weng Read Books, I review Sabrina Vourvoulias’s excellent first novel, Ink. I didn’t have time to post about this when it went up, but last week we also reviewed J.M. Sidorova’s The Age of Ice. We also have an interview with the author on the blog, so do check it out if you feel so inclined.

We See a Different Frontier, published by The Future Fire and edited by Djibril Al-Ayad and Fabio Fernandes is now out. It’s been getting some interesting reviews, including this one where my story gets called the “most vengeful” story of the lot. I’m quite flattered by that description actually. I mean, heads go flying in this story, so if people called it tame, I would be really worried.

Right now, I am reading the print proofs for What Fates Impose. I’m quite blown away by the work of my toc-mates and it’s quite a blast to find myself in an anthology with people whose work I admire. I am also quite impressed by Alliteration Ink, our editor Nayad Monroe and our publisher, Steven Saus.

Over the course of this summer break, I’ve written tons of words. I’m very close to finishing draft on a super-secret project and will post more on that soon, including snippets. Yes, I’m superstitious like that so that’s as much as I’m going to say about it before it’s finished.

News on the Writing and Publishing front

I’ve signed up for this year’s Clarion West Write-a-thon. This year, we want to have 300 writers signing up to participate in the write-a-thon as CW has received pledges of support for when we reach that number. The write-a-thon is a great motivation to add wordage to that work you’ve got in progress, or simply to get the words on the page. Last year, I had lots of fun writing pieces for individual sponsors. I don’t know if I can do individual stories this year, but I really loved writing my fun stories and I am thinking of doing something like that incorporating as many creatures/characters in a couple of shorts for those who choose to sponsor me. 

One of the stories I wrote in Clarion West has been selected for inclusion in Mothership:Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond. Waking the God of the Mountain is strongly influenced by the struggle of the tribal people in Surigao against mining corporations. It also involves some of the armed conflict between government and anti-government forces. The failure of government to protect the rights of tribal people is something I feel strongly about. I’m pleased this story has found the right home.

In a previous post, I wrote about Body of Truth being accepted for Nayad Monroe’s What Fates Impose anthology. Do drop by and visit the kickstarter page. Check out the toc and the incentives on offer. 

Publisher’s Weekly has published a great review of We See a Different Frontier edited by Djibril Al-Ayad and Fabio Fernandes. The anthology is coming out this August, so keep an eye out for it. 

Updates and where I’ll be at

I’ve committed to attend Nine Worlds Convention which will be on the 9th to the 11th of August in the UK. I’ll be attending as a guest and will be on panels and involved in discussions. I feel privileged that I can attend this con as a guest. I confess I’m a bit nervous but I do look forward to meeting and making friends, catching up, chatting and making new connections.

UK Author, Nina Allan made this list of 101 #women to read. It’s an honor and an encouragement to be on the list. I find myself quite amazed by the legs on some stories. I loved writing Song of the Body Cartographer it makes me happy to see how it’s resonated with different readers.

With regards to upcoming publications, if you’ve been waiting for news on the We See a Different Frontier anthology, I’ve been told it’ll be out soon. I’ve seen the proofs and am quite in awe of my toc-mates. 

To punctuate this post, I’m posting a link to my Movements column which came out last week. “So what do you think of my story where I made use of another person’s Culture?” 

In which I have been interviewed

Creativity Coach, Jocelyn Paige Kelly, has posted an interview with me over at Realizing You. Jocelyn is a Clarion West graduate and her questions were stimulating and thought-provoking.

Among other things, I talk about three of my most recent stories. One of which is in the Bloodchildren Anthology and the other which is coming out in the We See A Different Frontier Anthology.

The Bloodchildren Anthology is a limited edition e-book which will be available only until the 22nd of June when we celebrate Octavia Butler’s sixty-sixth birthday. 

We See a Different Frontier is slotted to be released around June this year.