Updates and where I’ll be at

I’ve committed to attend Nine Worlds Convention which will be on the 9th to the 11th of August in the UK. I’ll be attending as a guest and will be on panels and involved in discussions. I feel privileged that I can attend this con as a guest. I confess I’m a bit nervous but I do look forward to meeting and making friends, catching up, chatting and making new connections.

UK Author, Nina Allan made this list of 101 #women to read. It’s an honor and an encouragement to be on the list. I find myself quite amazed by the legs on some stories. I loved writing Song of the Body Cartographer it makes me happy to see how it’s resonated with different readers.

With regards to upcoming publications, if you’ve been waiting for news on the We See a Different Frontier anthology, I’ve been told it’ll be out soon. I’ve seen the proofs and am quite in awe of my toc-mates. 

To punctuate this post, I’m posting a link to my Movements column which came out last week. “So what do you think of my story where I made use of another person’s Culture?” 

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