I’m having so much fun with this book blog

We’ve got a new post up on Chie and Weng Read Books. Ekaterina Sedia gave us a fantastic interview and I just loved reading her answers. Do drop by and read when you have time. 

I’m enjoying this book blog a lot and I think it’s because reading books has always been a magical experience for me, and getting to know authors and interview them is a treat. 

Jan asked me why I thought up this idea to have a book blog and I realized that the book blog has its roots in the things I shared with my big sis. 

It was born from a desire to keep the ties that bind my sis and I together and sprung forth from the memory of sharing a room, fighting over the same books, debating the merits of whatever we’d read, and long conversations over the dining table. 

Each time I read something fantastic, I want to share it with my sis. Each time I visit a historical city, I wish my sis were there with me (because she is such a history lover). Growing up, we argued a lot. We were only a year apart. She didn’t like rock music, but she endured the season when I felt it was absolutely necessary to play Queen at full volume over and over again. And then there was the time she walked home all the way from the bank in sweltering heat because I’d hidden her bank book and replaced it with mine. (I was an evil sister).  When I said I was leaving for the Netherlands, she shouted at me: Well then, go already. 

My sister and I love books. We’ve just chosen this book blog as the space where we continue to conduct our conversations about books and the people who write them. And because it doesn’t get said enough, I love you, Sis. 🙂